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Comedian.  Host.  Actress.  Motivational Speaker.  Personality.

There is so much this shining star can do.  From acting on Off-Broadway productions to Vh1's Reality series to a mike stand center stage.  Just think... you ain't seen nothing yet!

     Money Hungry VH1               Team Double Chocolate


     Mr. Whiskers courtesy of Heather Fink via YouTube


     Mr. Whiskers courtesy of Heather Fink via YouTube



The Chew                                 Guest                                  ABC

Dr. Oz                                         Guest                                  ABC

Probable Cause                     Audience                          Independent, Tabori Stunivand

Heartbreak                             Traci                                    Independent, Heather Frink

Money Hungry(Reality)     Contestant                      VH1, Chris Abrigo

Saving Mr. Whiskers           Officer Sanford              Independent, Heather Frink

Black Maids                             Mrs. Ann                           Independent, Aaron Manning Unexpected                            Extra                                   Kelli Cosby

Rachel Ray                               Featured Comedian   ABC

Showtime at the Apollo    Featured Comedian   NBC         

McDonald's Gospel Fest    Featured Comedian    BET

Coming to the Stage           Featured Comedian    BET

106 & Park                                Featured Comedian    BET



I'd Rather/Door Keeper    Sis                                          Francine Crawford, Dir.

Harmony Gardens               Pearl                                    Francine Crawford, Dir.

Virtuous Woman                 Choreographer               Wendy McKenzie, Dir.     

Vagina Monologues            Woman 2                           Teresa Reynolds

Don't Count Me Out           Bitsy                                    Donna Mosley, Dir.

The Order of Love                Bee (Lead Role)              Katherine Gore, Dir.

Song in My Spirit                   Grandma (Lead)            Francine Crawford, Dir.

Bad Girls of the Bible          Delilah                               Toni Pennington, Dir.

Story of Christmas' Past    Evilena Scrooge             Marshetta Parker, Dir.

When Doves Fly                     Mime                                  Marsha Trice, Dir.         

Poetry Alive                             Assorted Roles               Self, Dir.

Do You Really Know Me     Camille (Lead)                Diana Driscoll, Dir.




Good News Comedy             Headline Comedian     Nationwide

Soul Funny Comedy             Headline Comedian     Nationwide


Radio Personality                HitsFactory                        Eliteradio FM

Radio Personality                WFDU                                    WFDU Radio FM


North Carolina Central University BS                        Minor in Acting

John Roberts Powers Acting & Modeling School   Improvisational & Commercial Beht Melsky Casting (Nancy Frigand)                         Commercial Studies

Tasha Smith Acting Workshop                                       3 Day Actors Workshop       Wendy McKenzie                                                                   Lights, Camera, Action

Special Skills

Comedy:  Stand-Up, Sketch                 

Dancer & Choreographer:  tap, ballet, liturgical, mime and belly 

Musical Talents: piano, singer  

Writer, Producer, and Director      

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