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G.L. Douglas

Location: NY Tri-State Area

On Call To:

  • Tell Jokes

  • Act

  • Travel to the nearest stage/set

  • Inspire

  • Brighten Your Day!


Funny, Sassy & Personable

This Good Girl will keep you laughing and make you want more.

G.L. Douglas is "The Girl Next Door".  She's the one all the girls wanted to chat and hang out with and the one all the guys called home to mommy about.

Mix together a bright smile, some killer shoes, a big personality and she will magically appear.  No stage is ever the same after she performs and every 1st time viewer leaves a lifelong fan.

This girl is talented and she knows where it comes from.  She gives all credit to God knowing that her gift of Clean comedy takes her all over the country, into clubs, corporate events, churches, big screen, stage and radio. 

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